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Property market on the up

Posted on 24 March, 2014 at 10:28 Comments comments (31)
The demand for Structural Reports is on the increase particularly due to valuation surveys highlighting problems, it certainly means the property market is getting busier.


Posted on 24 January, 2012 at 19:35 Comments comments (2)
Well this is a first for me, at 59 I'm still learning what a "blog" is, however a few friends have told me they can be good fun and entertaining as well very useful for interacting with potential customers, colleagues and other people in a similar line of work to share ideas, discuss problems and generally try and help each other, so ............... here I am.
I'm Dave, and I run Speciality Building Services, I qualified as a Stuctural Engineer in 1977 and have worked in the Building Industry almost all of my life.  Most of that time I have worked as a Consulting Engineer and a large part was spent in the field of dealing with "broken buildings" where I carried out surveys on any building related problem, not just structural, including damp problems, condensation, timber infestation and rot and many more.  I found this very rewarding particularly in the case of Domestic Work when I was able to help people solve and repair a problem with their house which often had been causing major heartache and sleepless nights.
In 1996 I moved from Consultancy to become a director of an established building company then in 1998 started Speciality Building Services to pursue the line of work I felt more interested in; since then our small team have carried out a wide variety of projects some of which can be seen on this web site.
Please feel free to join in and ask away if we can help in any way.
Cheers for now