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Speciality Building Services


Garage Conversion

Here is a garage conversion we did a while ago, the property had a double integral garage. We separated it into two halves, keeping one half as a garage and converted the other half to a dining room. Externally we matched the brickwork to the existing retaining the feature corbelling and fitted a feature bow window. Inside the walls, ceiling and floor were insulated to comply with building regulations; after plastering an additional central heating radiator was installed and then the doors and skirting's etc fitted to match the rest of the property.

Just before we started


Inside - Typical Garage

though considering this is intended to be a dining room the seating could do to be improved a little.

Ceiling needs a little work

plus lots of insulation and some plaster, at least, ............... watch this space.

External Work in Progress

Temporary partition built internally and brickwork in progress

Installing the bow window

Completed - Outside

Completed - Inside 01

Ceiling looks a lot better, in fact it all does.

Completed Inside 02

Seating is certainly better than then we first started.